Haki Madini Kenya (HMK) is a community centered coalition that brings together communities in and around mining areas, civil society organisations, faith based organisations and individuals engaging in the mining industry with the primary aim of promoting responsible stewardship of mining resources.

Our goal is to enhance the capacity of HMK and communities affected by the mining sector to engage effectively in national and local decision-making processes on mining issues and building a broad-based platform for collective action.

Our mission is to effectively promote community participation, multi-stakeholder engagement and responsible stewardship in the mining sector in Kenya.

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Institutional Strengthening

Institutional Strengthening

HMK’s Strategic Goal 2016 – 2020 is “to enhance the capacity of HMK and communities affected by the extractive sector to engage effectively in national and local decision-making processes on extractive issues and building a broad-based platform for collective action”

The  Strategic Objective for  Insitutional strengthening is to build the coalition as a credible and knowledge driven entity capable of initiating, catalysing and responding to issues in the extractive sector at the community and national level. Interventions  in this objective  focus on  the community platforms , the national platform and the secretariate of the coalition.

At the community level, HMK has been establishing community platforms amongst mining communities in target counties. An HMK guide for the establishment of Community Platforms is being piloted in Mui Basin and Kanziku areas of Kitui County which will provide guidance in the roll out of the platforms in the the other mining communities. Community Guides have been developed and are being used in enhancing knowledge amongst mining communites through civic education in meetings and through radio. (See Community Guide on Coal Mining  and Community Guide on Limestone Mining)

At the National level, HMK convenes National Dialogues on various issues on mining issues. The Dialogues bring together communities in mining areas, duty bearers, CSO’s, FBO’s and other relevant stakeholders in the sector. In 2014, the National Dialogiue focussed on responsible stewardship of the Extractive sector (2014 Conference Report) while the 2015 Dialogue fcoussed on the Africa mining Vision (2015 Conference Report). Capacity development trainings and exposure visits on various issues have been conducted for the coalition members and communities.

In 2016, HMK convened a joint engagment with 3 other CSO coalitions (KCSOPOG, KOGWG and KENRA) on the Mining Regulations (Joint Memorandum on Mining Regulations).

The HMK  secretariate is currently hosted at the Daikonia Kenya Country Office.The secretariat provides cordination support for the coalition and is currently facilitating the development of vital documents and organisational structures/systems. (The draft SP and Operational Framework)

Key interventions /focus for  2016 – 2020

  • Rolling out and strenthening of Community Platforms in atleast 6 counties
  • Establishment of a functional Knowledge Management Platform
  • Capacity development of the Community Platforms in use of new media to advance their issues
  • Capacity strenthening of the National Platform in knowledge and skills for effective engagment (training, exposure visits, etc)
  • Action reserach to inform the coalitions interventions (Compensation and relocation frameworks, benefit sharing mechanisms, human rights impact assesements, local content analyses / audits
  • Organisational development for sustainability (HMK identity, policies, systems and structures, autonomy from host oganisation)
  • HMK communication and visibility