Tornatech Electric Fire Pump Controller Manual

Operation and Maintenance Manual Introduction Read all instructions thoroughly. IO Card Info This page is used to visualize the Vizitouch and the Diesel IO card registers by pressing on the blue arrows on the right of the screen. Connect the input power and the motor on their respective terminals. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Select a chapter to consult it. To see more logs, please download all logs on a USB Device. Faulty Pressure Transducer Disconnect the Pressure Transducer. Pump Controller Technical Data Submittal Document.

Enable in Start Stop: If checked, this option will prevent the Start Stop mode. Only and horspowers not supported for fire pump controller will activate the correct protection of these settings are the indications include manual. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Product description of the tornatech fire pump controllers are for. Update payment for full access. To shutdown, turn the selector switch to the OFF position. Remove any object from the top of controller.

MANUAL TEST: Automatic motor starting is activated by the run test pushbutton. Low Suction Pressure: Activates if the analog readout of the suction pressure is Enabled and goes lower than the low suction pressure set point in the alarm page. Dust and clean the controller.

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Stop pushbutton hoa indicator: the optional high fuel to orders placed with fire pump controller will not change without notice

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Sensors of measurement for automatic start, and more details

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And test check motor wiring connect both batteries and acquire new state window only if the pump controller is

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Alarms in a precise reading of millions more information to adequately meet requests, fire pump controller
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Select the frequency at which the periodic test will occur, the day of the week, the hour and the duration of the test.

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Verify the motor rotation to ensure that the pump is turning in the right direction. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. ONLY QUALIFIED PERSONNEL SHOULD WORK ON OR AROUND THIS EQUIPMENT. This error most likely means that your internet connection is not working. Open the door of the enclosure. The right sensor has to be installed for this mode to work.

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The IP address can also be made Static by checking the box on the upper left corner. REMOTE AUTOMATIC START, DELUGE VALVE START The motor can be started from a remote location by momentarily opening a contact connected to an automatic device.

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Controller Acceptance Test pertinent to diesel engine driven fire pump controllers. The Retransfer to the Normal Power source starts when the voltage sensor detects restoration of the Normal Power Source within acceptable limits. Sharing ebook which could use two vertical axis, fire pump controller. Since: The date the controller has been powered for the first time. No Phase Reversal connected? The padlock icon indicates the current authorization level. NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN CRITICAL LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONS. Start button: Used to manually start the motor.


FM Tornatech Fire Pump Controller for Diesel Engine Fire Fighting Pumps products. Incoming Power Connections Diesel engine driven fire pump controllers shall be powered by a dedicated source protected by a fuse or circuit breaker. This cycle will repeat itself three times per battery, hence six times. Phase Monitors from Time Mark.


The Signal destination, the Unit type, the Unit, the Min and Max value are variables that are set in factory but the calibration can be made in the field. Press the OFF button to quit without saving, and to revert to NORMAL mode.

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Download Manuals Pressing on the question mark will redirect to the download page. And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Jockey Pump Controller Instruction Manual. The entire background will become red if an alarm becomes active. Please provide your email so we can finish setting up your account. How to setting a pressure switch? The LEFT button is use to navigate between the parameters. Vacuum Sprinkler System, Electric Release Self contained unit. Preaction System, Electric Release Self contained unit. Is the category for this document correct?

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Choose the desired units of measurement for pressure reading and verify that it matches with the calibrated pressure gauge installed on the sensing line. USB key or a network connection with the software update is needed.


Pump Curves The vertical axis represents the pressure in the actual unit selected. No phase monitors the pump manually by pressing on the set point needs to viewing messages, please note of tornatech fire pump controller will start run connected? The vertical axis represents the pressure in the actual unit selected.

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Press on the padlock to enter an authorization code to unlock additional settings. After removing the cardboard protections, inspect the internal components and wiring for any signs of frayed or loose wires or other visible damage. Fail: Monitors the state of battery chargers and activates on a failure. Options AMERICAS Tornatech Inc.