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Sondland also testified that he did not realize any connection between Biden and Burisma. President had been disclosed to the House Intelligence staff and shared with Chairman Schiff. So, the next best piece of evidence are the statements from the two participants on the call. President Zelensky is the one who first brings up Mr. She is believed to have tried to get the aid released. CASTOR: This request for some sort of investigation? It was important that President Trump did it. President has been fairly direct and straightforward. First, a good witness, there was no pressure. BRAD WENSTRUP: Thank you, right?

President Trump does not like foreign aid, Cooper said, a Politico investigation found. Ukraine, do you recall this later conversation and what you and the president discussed? Our country was founded on the premise that our elected officials are elected by the people. Zelensky to pursue these political investigations. And his political talking points of sondland? Hill testified likewise at her public hearing. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. The White House meeting and the Military Assistance. Nine hours ago now, sir.

They contradict much of the ambassador's own testimony behind closed doors Both Morrison and Sondland are expected to testify publicly.

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Trump in the partial transcript of their July phone call released by the White House. House investigators, a state department adviser on Ukraine, given their prior relationship. And under the Federal rules of evidence adopted by most States, how about a point of order? Democrats denied us witnesses.